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Industrial paper in rolls 240 m - Celtex

  • Suitable for food and medical industries
  • Strong, water absorbent paper
  • The price is for 1 roll.
€13.99 with VAT €11.56 without VAT

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Paper from 100% pure cellulose, thanks to which you can easily clean surfaces, glass or shelves. A special technology allows you to squeeze the water out of the paper and use it again.

High-quality paper that does not leave lint, thus reducing unnecessary waste of time and product.

The proven quality of Celtex is especially appreciated in cleaning companies, hospitals, medical fields, laboratories, beauty centers, bars and in hotels.


  • Number of layers - 2 layers
  • Width - 24cm
  • Rip line every 30cm
  • Quantity per roll - 240m or 800 sheets
  • Quantity in the package - 2 pcs.
  • Suitable for contact with food
  • Manufacturer - Celtex
Product Details

Data sheet

Kiekis pakuotėje
2 vnt.
Amount in the roll
240 m
Number of layers
2 layers
Amount of paper sheets
800 pc.
Sheet size
24 x 30 cm
Roll diameter
30 cm
Industrial paper

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