Prices of goods

No, prices are the same for both individuals and legal entities.
Yes, if you plan to buy a larger quantity, we can offer a wholesale price. For individual pricing, you can contact us by e-mail.: [email protected]

The prices of the goods are final, with VAT included.

Order delivery delivers goods all over Lithuania and in most other countries, the exact list of countries can be found in the DELIVERY section.
Delivery time depends directly on the ordered goods and the chosen delivery method. Order delivery usually takes 1-5 business days. Delivery time for some items may take up to 14 business days. You will see an additional information table next to such goods.
Yes, orders can be delivered to other countries. You can find a complete list of countries in the DELIVERY section
Currently there is no such possibility, but can deliver the goods in Klaipeda FREE OF CHARGE, according to an individual agreement with the buyer.
Your orders can be delivered to Omniva, DPD Pickup, LPEXPRESS smart parcel lockers.
Your cart contains goods that are too large to be sent to the parcel locker, or the packaging of the ordered goods will be too heavy, or too large. Then you will not be able to choose this delivery method.

Purchasing in

Yes. Just click the "Change" or "+ Add new address" button in the "Addresses" section and enter the details of the person to whom you want the product be delivered.
In the order comments, when delivery method is selected, you can provide additional information in the field provided a little below.
We will see your order immediately after it is confirmed. You will be notified by e-mail about the confirmed order.
We will send you an invoice by e-mail and / or add it to the order packaging.

Order fulfillment and its status

The order fullfilment is started immediately after the confirmation of payment.
Yes. You can cancel the order by calling us at tel. +37060130060 or via email [email protected] Do not forget to indicate your order number.

Order statuses and their meanings

Order placed but not yet processed. The first status of an order with two results: either the order is rejected (e.g., an order was placed inadvertently, an order with incorrect data, etc.) or it is confirmed (payment is made, order information is matched, all order details are filled in correctly).
The order is being processed. If the product is in stock, packaging begins. If the goods are not in stock, the order is sent to the supplier immediately.
Your order has been handed over to the courier service and is currently on your way to your or your chosen DPD PickUp, Omniva, or LPEXPRESS parcel locker.
The order has been picked up from the collection point or delivered to the recipient in the chosen way.
Order declined (order placed accidentally, order with incorrect data, etc.).
The product is returned or the order is canceled and the money paid is refunded to the buyer.