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Air inflation devices
Devices for inflating air cushions | Air cushions and air mats

Air inflation devices

These machines are commonly known as inflatable packaging systems or air cushion machines. They are used to create protective packaging materials by inflating plastic film to form air cushions or pillows. These air cushions are then used to cushion and protect products during shipping or transportation.

The process typically involves using a roll of flat plastic film, which is fed into the machine. The machine then inflates the film with air, creating individual cushions or a continuous chain of interconnected cushions. The film is sealed between the cushions, forming a protective barrier.

These air cushion machines offer several advantages in packaging applications. They are lightweight, versatile, and provide excellent protection for fragile items. The inflated cushions are resilient and can absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing the risk of damage during transit. Additionally, the film used for the cushions is usually recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly packaging option.

Inflatable packaging systems have become popular in many industries due to their effectiveness in protecting products and their ease of use. They provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for packaging goods securely during shipping and handling.

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Reference: BPACK4

Air bag inflator BPACK-4

  • Suitable for A,B,C air cushions inflation
  • Suitable for D,E,F air mats/films inflation
  • Inflation speed up to 10m/min
Price €597.49 with VAT €493.79 without VAT