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Bubble Wrap 40cm x 100m
  • Bubble Wrap 40cm x 100m
  • Bubble Wrap 40cm x 100m

Bubble Wrap 40cm x 100m

  • Film width: 40cm
  • Quantity per roll: 100m
  • Density: 35g/m²
  • The price is for 1 roll.
€8.69 with VAT €7.18 without VAT

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Bubble wrap film is a plastic packaging material that is widely used in the packaging industry for protecting fragile or delicate items during transportation. The film is made up of two layers of plastic sheeting with air bubbles trapped between them, which act as a cushion against impact and shock.

Some of the most common uses of bubble wrap film in the packaging industry include:

  • Protection of fragile items: Bubble wrap is often used to protect delicate items such as glassware, ceramics, electronics, and other fragile items during shipping or storage. The air bubbles act as a shock absorber, helping to prevent damage from impacts and vibrations.
  • Filling voids: Bubble wrap can be used to fill empty spaces inside boxes or packages, preventing items from shifting and bumping into each other during transit. This helps to keep items securely in place and prevents damage from rubbing or colliding with each other.
  • Insulation: Bubble wrap can also be used as insulation for shipping items that are sensitive to temperature changes. The air pockets provide an insulating layer that can help to keep items at a consistent temperature during transport.
  • Cushioning: Bubble wrap can be used to create a cushioned layer around items to protect them from scratches or other surface damage.

Overall, bubble wrap is a versatile and effective packaging material that helps to protect a wide range of items during transit, storage, and handling.

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40 cm
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3 vnt.
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100 m.
Bubble wrap

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