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Corrugated cardboard in a roll (double layer) 2m x 100m
  • Corrugated cardboard in a roll (double layer) 2m x 100m

Corrugated cardboard in a roll (double layer) 2m x 100m

  • Double-layered
  • For padding and protection
  • For packaging non-standard products
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2-layer cardboard rolls find a multitude of general applications in the packaging industry due to their inherent advantages.

Their flexibility allows them to wrap snugly around products with non-standard shapes or irregular dimensions, making them ideal for protecting items with unique contours. For example, they are commonly used to package electronic gadgets with irregular shapes or delicate components.

As a cost-effective option, they offer budget-friendly packaging solutions for businesses seeking to reduce expenses without compromising quality. For instance, small businesses can use 2-layer cardboard rolls to package and ship handmade or artisanal products economically.

Their eco-friendly nature aligns with sustainability goals, ensuring environmentally conscious packaging practices. Many eco-conscious companies use 2-layer cardboard rolls to package organic or eco-friendly products.

The rolls' customizability enables tailored packaging solutions, minimizing waste and providing optimized protection. They are often used to package items like furniture, where the rolls can be cut and shaped to fit each component precisely, reducing excess material and ensuring secure protection during transit.

Moreover, their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of products, from light and moderately fragile items to bulkier goods, meeting diverse packaging needs across industries. For example, 2-layer cardboard rolls can be utilized to package and ship items such as books, clothing, home goods, or even automotive parts, showcasing their adaptability across various sectors.

Product Details

Data sheet

150 cm
26 kg
Amount in the roll
100 m.
Paper density
180 gsm
Corrugated cardboard

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