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Protective EPE shell (Grey) 35mm / 6mm - 200cm
  • Protective EPE shell (Grey) 35mm / 6mm - 200cm

Protective EPE shell (Grey) 35mm / 6mm - 200cm

  • Suitable for packaging and impact protection
  • Easy to pack wavy edges
  • Suitable for thermal insulation
  • The price is for 1 piece.
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Advantages for packaging:

  • Flexibility - the extremely flexible material allows even steep corners to be covered with a protective layer without any problems, thus ensuring continuous protection of all edges.
  • Amortization - During the impact, EPE shells distribute the impact evenly over the covered surface, so that the impact is not concentrated at one point, and dents are avoided. After compression, EPE returns to its original shape.
  • Various sizes - the possibility of fitting a protective shell of the required diameter, according to the packaged product. It is recommended to keep different sizes of shells in stock so that you can use the right size and thickness of shell when needed.
  • Easy to cut - compared to cardboard safety corners, EPE shells can be easily and precisely cut with a stock knife.

Extruded polyethylene tubes can be used as corner protection during shipping. The tubes can be cut to the desired length and placed at the corners of a package or container to provide cushioning and impact resistance. This helps protect the edges and corners of the packaged items from damage caused by bumps, drops, or other impacts that may occur during transportation.

By placing the tubes at the corners, they absorb and distribute the force of impact, reducing the risk of dents, cracks, or breakage. The flexibility and shock-absorbing properties of extruded polyethylene make it an effective material for providing corner protection.

Extruded polyethylene tubes can be particularly useful when shipping items with sharp corners or delicate edges, such as furniture, appliances, or electronics. They help prevent the corners from being crushed or chipped, adding an extra layer of protection to the packaged goods.

In addition to corner protection, these tubes can also be used to provide edge protection for flat surfaces of items, such as tabletops or glass panels. They act as a buffer between the item's surface and the external forces, reducing the risk of scratches or impact damage.

Using extruded polyethylene tubes as corner protection is a cost-effective and practical solution to safeguard packaged items during shipping, especially when dealing with fragile or susceptible corners.

Product Details

Data sheet

Vidinis skersmuo
35 mm
Sienelės storis
6 mm
2 m
Amount in the package
110 pc.
Outer shell diameter
47 mm
Protective EPE shells

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