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BOSCH Injector plastic caps set - A (4 pcs.)
  • BOSCH Injector plastic caps set - A (4 pcs.)
  • BOSCH Injector plastic caps set - A (4 pcs.)

BOSCH Injector plastic caps set - A (4 pcs.)

  • For Bosch 120 Series External Injector
  • Fits to other same shape injectors
  • Chose plastic caps set according to injector shape!
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Protective caps are used on fuel injectors for several important reasons when storing or shipping them:

  • Contamination Prevention: Fuel injectors are precision-engineered components with tight tolerances. They have very small openings and channels through which pressurized fuel flows. These components are highly sensitive to contamination from dirt, dust, moisture, and other foreign particles. Protective caps help seal off the injector's openings and nozzles, preventing any potential contaminants from entering and causing damage during storage or shipping.
  • Damage Prevention: Injectors are delicate and can be easily damaged if they come into contact with hard objects or other components. Protective caps provide a protective barrier that shields the injector's sensitive parts, such as the nozzle and solenoid, from physical damage caused by handling or contact with other objects.
  • Preservation of Lubrication: Injectors may contain a small amount of lubricating oil or grease to ensure smooth operation. Protective caps help retain this lubrication and prevent it from drying out or evaporating during storage, ensuring that the injector remains in good working condition when it's eventually installed in the engine.
  • Sealing Against Corrosion: Fuel injectors are typically made of metal components, and metal surfaces can be susceptible to corrosion when exposed to moisture and air. Protective caps create an airtight seal around the injector, reducing the risk of corrosion during storage or transportation in humid or corrosive environments.
  • Electrical Protection: Some fuel injectors have electrical connectors, and the protective caps can also help protect these connectors from damage and exposure to moisture, which could lead to electrical issues.
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