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Universal epoxy resin VT-510 2.8kg
  • Universal epoxy resin VT-510 2.8kg

Universal epoxy resin VT-510 2.8kg

  • Used with hardener
  • It starts to harden after 90 minutes
  • Universal application
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It is a two-component epoxy resin designed to produce a solid adhesive material that is resistant to weathering, fungi, seawater, decay, gasoline, alkalis, and even some acids. It has an excellent combination of properties: high mechanical resistance, excellent resistance to many chemicals and heat. Contains no solvent that causes shrinkage, crumbling, peeling or cracking. This allows for easy processing and gluing of many surfaces.

Application: The surface to be glued must be clean and degreased. Mix both components in a 1:1 ratio, glued surfaces dry faster at higher temperatures.

Working time of mixed adhesive and hardener: 45 minutes. Starts to harden: 90 minutes. Completely solidified: 24 hours.

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