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Universal epoxy resin VT-512 1.8kg
  • Universal epoxy resin VT-512 1.8kg

Universal epoxy resin VT-512 1.8kg

  • Медленно затвердевает, пригоден для использования в мебельном производстве.
  • Высокое сопротивление
  • Прозрачные цвета (с желтоватым оттенком)
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It is a two-component epoxy resin designed to produce a solid adhesive material that is resistant to weathering, fungi, seawater, decay, gasoline, alkalis, and even some acids.

It has an excellent combination of properties: high mechanical resistance, resistance to many chemicals and heat. Slower setting allows a larger area to be bonded at once. Contains no solvent that causes shrinkage, crumbling, peeling or cracking. This allows for easy processing and gluing of many surfaces.

Application: The surface to be glued must be clean and degreased. Mix both components in a 1:1 ratio, glued surfaces dry faster at higher temperatures.

Working time of mixed glue and hardener: 2 hours (depends on the amount of glue and temperature) Starts to harden: 3 hours.

Can be processed: after 8 hours. Fully set: after 24 hours.

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