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Solid paint marker QUIK STIK - Blue
  • Solid paint marker QUIK STIK - Blue

Solid paint marker QUIK STIK - Blue

  • For glass, varnished surfaces, tires, etc.
  • Paints are resistant to atmospheric effects
  • Can be marked on wet surfaces
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"MARKAL" QUIK STIK - hard paint crayon with holder.

Allows marking on almost all surfaces: wet, smooth, rough or hot; various metals, glass, ceramics, wood, concrete, stone, rubber, tires, plastic.

Paint can be removed from smooth surfaces without much effort, simply by wiping them with a napkin or cloth.

A plastic holder with a crayon ejection mechanism protects it from damage.

Hands, clothes and tools remain clean during use.

Paints are resistant to weather conditions and UV rays.

Additional information:

  • Quick drying: 5-7 min.
  • Line thickness up to 17 mm.
  • Operating temperature from -18° C to +200° C.
  • Made in America.

Product Details

Data sheet

Marker type
Solid paint marker
The purpose of the marker
General purpose
The purpose of the marker
For wet surface marking
Liquid paint markers
Line thickness
up to 17mm

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